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XPRO - The new European Marketplace for Experience Technologies, Products and Services.

XPRO is the new European marketplace for experience technologies, products and services that are essential for the quality of mediation and experience staging in museums, venues and brand spaces.

With its year-round programme, the XPRO addresses all those who design immersive experiences - agencies, production and service companies - and connects them with the corporate, event, agency, cultural and creative industries.

The XPRO bundles products and services from the fields of VR, AR, holography, video mapping, interactive light and audio systems, mobile guide systems, interactive showcases, multitouch scanner tables, to name but a few.

Learning from the crisis!

The global economy seems ready to collapse in the face of a deadly virus and no one can estimate how long the current situation will last. Although art, culture and industry are trying to keep in touch with people with sometimes innovative formats, in the long run this is certainly no substitute for commonly shared emotions. In any case, we are certain that even after the crisis there will still be a strong human need for experiences. Or alternatively the need for stagnation might be much stronger, instead.

We would like to use this phase and try to look at the time after the corona crisis to create an XPRO that is then up-to-date. In order to this, we want to deal with the following questions, among others, in the coming months:

  • Which formats does the industry need to get back on track after the crisis?
  • What can be learned from the current online formats?
  • Are there already online formats that can be established immediately to help the industry?
  • How should a European XPRO marketplace in Berlin be structured?

Gimme five!

By answering just five questions, you help us tailor the XPRO to your needs. Simply download the PDF and send the completed document back to Thank you very much!

XPRO Gimme five (PDF, 292.4 kB)

If you would like to support us in any other way, or if you would like us to keep you informed about further developments at XPRO, please fill out the following form.

Stay healthy!
Your XPRO Team